Public Health Promotion Strategy

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Public Health Promotion Strategy of Lhuntse
Public health is the first priority of a nation as health is the chief priority to man. According to the American Public Health Association, APHA(2001), public health as the practice of preventing diseases and promoting good health within groups of people from small communities to entire countries. The functions of public health include preventing epidemics, monitoring health status of the population, developing policies and laws to protect health, providing health care services at all costs and all activities related to benefiting public and their health. Bhutan, within the confines of China in the north and India in the south, was a late bloomer in to development. Now, 90% of the population has access to basic health care services delivered through a network of 29 hospitals, 176 Basic Health Units and 541 outreach clinics. Of the twenty Dzongkhags or districts in Bhutan, Lhuentse dzongkhag is one of the least developed with eight gewogs. “Most of the villages are still in accessible with lack of roads and hospital, 11 Basic Health Units and 31 Outreach clinics render public health services in the dzongkhag. About 50% of the households have access to piped drinking water supply.”(Ninth five year plan, Bhutan, n.d).This paper plans to focus on studying the public health sector scenario in the particular dzongkhag and improving it. Purpose of the action plan

Purpose of the action plan is to promote various factors such as followings •To improve maternal health care, it is very essential to provide healthy manner of health services to improve maternal health care to make pregnancy safe. •Mother’s education, Mother’s education is the basic knowledge of parenting. •To Improvement in food supply and sanitation, improvements in food supply and sanitation will lead to increase life spans and reduce disease. Initiatives taken by the health services such as clean drinking water supply and...
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