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Team A Public Health Survey
Population: Native Alaskans
I. Introduction- Alice
Native Alaskans living in Toksook Bay, Alaska (located 115 miles west of Bethel, Alaska) lack access to health care. This population of 532 is particularly vulnerable to problems getting needed health care because of a high poverty rate, high incidence of chronic conditions, and inability to obtain preventive care. a. Insurance coverage

Native Alaskans rely on Medicaid or other public program such as the U.S. government treaties provision for health care (Indian Health Service) which lacks appropriate funding. b. Profile of Native Alaskans

i. 1/3 Native Alaskans live below the federal poverty level ii. 22% live in families with no employment
iii. 47% work in low income jobs (less than $25,000/year) iv. 18% have not completed high school
c. Health Status
v. 1 in 5 have two or more chronic conditions
vi. Prevalence of diabetes is twice that of any ethnic group in the US vii. High rate of obesity
viii. High incidence of depression/anxiety
ix. ½ Native Alaskans are smokers
x. 1 in 5 are binge drinkers
xi. Top 5 leading causes of death include cancer, chronic liver disease, unintentional injuries (alcohol-related MVA, suicide, chronic liver disease), diabetes and heart problems II. Sources of data the community uses to assess targeted determinants of health in support of these activities – Alice d. Alaskan Native Tribal Health Consortium formally Indian Health Service xii. Restricted to services provided by clinics or hospitals on reservations xiii. Does not allow access to most doctors and hospitals xiv. Mostly primary care with some ancillary & specialty services e. Yukon-Kushokwim Health Corporation

xv. Alaskan Native Medical Center , Anchorage Alaska (527 miles) xvi. Comprehensive...

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VII. Conclusion
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