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Assignment 1 – P2 Describe the origin of Public Health in the UK from the 19th Century to the present day. 1 . The significant Public Health advances in the 19th Century (1848) The First public health act

Edwin Chadwick was a very effective campaigner on many different health issues; a few of these things were; working conditions, poor sanitation and poor housing. Chadwick was also known as one of the founder fathers of public health also as the sanitary movement. His report was associated with the environmental factors of poverty and ill health. He then engaged in the help of civil and medical engineering professionals to carry out his idea, this idea were to improve the general health of the population and the general public. Chadwick made recommendations to set up a local authority to deal with the sanitary issues that were in public health. Six years later after Chadwick’s guidance to the National Public Health Act (1894) was passed on board of health establishments. The public health authority will be very important because the promoting education and practice is seen as a key European regional priority and achieving improvements in health.

The work of John Snow (1854)
John Snow was also seen as another Father of Epidemiology. Epidemiology means the study of diseases in the human population. Snow was also intrigued about drinking water in the spread of Cholera disease and had come up with the theory that the people who had been drinking the water were the ones that had contracted the disease and were more likely to get the disease to those who had not drunk the water. He then plotted the cases of Cholera on a map and discovered that the people that were ill were all getting their water from the same water pump, located near the river Thames, which was contaminating the drinking water with sewerage. The connection between contaminated water and Cholera disease was then established before bacteriology was able to recognise the causative organism.

John Simon and the 1866 Sanitary
John Simon was seen as the third founding father of public health. Simon succeeded Chadwick in his role in public health administration, as he worked thoroughly with the engineers and he also assisted in the installation of the sewage system in the 1850’s and 1860’s. Simon also had a profession of a physician and then followed on to become a medical officer to the board of health in 1855. The chief engineer of the sewage system was Joseph Bazalgette. In 1866 the sanitary act placed a duty of inspection on local authorities and then decided to extend their range of sanitary powers.

2. The significant Public Health Advances in the 20th Century The Beveridge Report (1942)
The Beveridge report was issued by an economist and social reformer, which was combined with the development of the welfare state, he was named William Beveridge. After the second world war the government promised reforms that would create a more equal society and then ask Beveridge to write a report on how to support people on low incomes (A report on the ways that Britain could fix itself). The new MP Clement Attlee published the introduction of the welfare state plan in the 1942 Beveridge report. In 1942 he then recommended the government to figure out the ways to figure out the 5 giant evils, these were, ‘want, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness’. Beveridge did many reports oh which included; all working people to pay weekly contribution from their wages (TAX), also In return, benefits would be available to, the sick, the unemployed, the retired and the widowed.

Founding of the National Health Service (1948)
In 1948 the minister for health was Aneurin Bevan. He was the person who made (NHS) known. The National health service was made in 1948, which it's main priority was to provide free health care/treatment for all. A national system of benefits was broadcasted to provide social security so the members of the population would be protected 'from...
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