Pros and Cons of Expanding HealthCare

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Pros and Cons of Expanding HealthCare
Increasing access to healthcare will mean that a large majority of people can access these services. There are about 45 million uninsured Americans and about 60 million become uninsured at some point in the year (Song & Smith, 2007). This suggests that these people cannot access proper healthcare. Expanding access will thus reduce this number thereby reducing the occurrence of preventable diseases (Nandi et al, 2009). It has also been established that people without insurance receive little care, get sick more often and thus die quicker (Gilfords et al, 2005). This will be prevented. It will also reduce the current healthcare costs thereby reducing the instances of medical travels abroad (Karrupan & Karrupan, 2011). However, expanding this access is very costly in terms of funding. Sustaining an expanded healthcare program is challenging due to the vast amounts of funds are needed. Healthcare insurance should not be discriminatory whatsoever. Everyone (immigrant or not, documented or not, white or not, young or old, female or male) should be provided with adequate care. This is because Americans interact greatly and come into contact with one another. Therefore, any person is susceptible to infection. For instance, when a person is suffering from tuberculosis, STD or HIV/AIDs, has not been immunized against contagious diseases or is suffering from any infectious disease yet they cannot access healthcare services (because they are uninsured or other reasons), members of the general population will be infected since they cannot avoid coming into contact. This may lead to an epidemic that could have been avoided if everybody was given healthcare insurance and services (Nandi et al, 2009). For healthcare to be universal, huge sums of money have to be invested. Although the private healthcare sector can chip in paying... An acceptable health care delivery system should have two primary objectives: 1) it must enable all citizens...
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