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The first session

OFFICIAL Rules of procedure

1. Applicability: The below mentioned rules are applicable to the Security Council, General Assembly committees, Economic and Social Council, Historic and Futuristic Simulations, Special Committees, Indian Committees and any other committee which is a part of the Indian International Model United Nations or any of its affiliated conferences unless specific instructions have been provided for in the rules. Any deviation from the rules mentioned requires permission from the Secretary General of the conference.

2. Representation: All councils shall have one delegate/’s representing one country having one vote. Non-governmental Organizations & Special Observers shall have one representative only; they will be allowed to vote on working papers, amendments and resolutions that pertain to them i.e. in an agenda which is directly concerning them. On all other agendas they will be allowed to vote on all issues expect working papers, amendments and resolutions. In case of a dispute regarding the pertinence of a particular agenda to a non-member of the United Nations, the decision of the Executive board/ Chair shall be final and binding.

3. Language: The official language for the conference shall be English. The use of any of the following five languages is permitted

a. Russian
b. Chinese
c. Arabic
d. Spanish
e. French
f. Hindi
If the delegate wishes to use any of the 6 afore mentioned languages during the length, a written request at least 7 days prior to the conference needs to be submitted to the Committee Chair.
4. Attire: The delegates are expected to be in Western formals during the conference hours and boys are expected to wear a blazer or suit whilst addressing committee in all days except for one day where all delegates are expected to wear Indian Formals. 5. Use of Electronic Equipment: The use of mobile phones, laptops, notepads and such other electronic devices is strictly prohibited when committee is in progress. However, a delegate may use his electronic device outside the committee room or during the Unmoderated Caucus.

6. Sessions: Each session of the conference shall not be longer than 3 hours, which will be followed by a mandatory break for 10 minutes. The Conference shall have a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 10 such sessions.

7. Executive board: The decision of the chair on matters regarding debate is final and binding on all delegates. Also if a delegate is not behaving in a parliamentary fashion he/she can be barred from council after being given sufficient warnings. The Executive board has the power to question any delegate and ask for justification about his/her stand on a particular issue if they feel it is contrary to their country policy or could help enlighten committee better. However, a decision of the Executive board can be appealed against (Rule 8) and so also the chair impeached (Rule 9).

8. Appeal: The delegates have an option if dissatisfied with the verdict of the chair or if they wish to question the chair about the way they are conducting the committee to appeal to the chair. Example: After being recognized ‘Permission to appeal to the chair’, on being given permission, the delegate can voice his/her grievance to the chair within a minute’s time frame, after which the chair may or may not take into consideration the delegate’s recommendation.

9. Impeachment: If the delegates in the committee are extremely dissatisfied with the way the chair is conducting proceedings, a written request signed by at least 2/3rd’s of the committee’s members can be submitted to the Secretary-General for the ouster of the chair. The decision of the Secretary-General in this matter shall be final and binding. 10. Organizing Council: If any delegate or observer if found to be behaving in an

inappropriate manner he/she can be barred from...
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