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Communication and Health in Social Care

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Information fromWorking to standard: a code of conduct for support workers in health care 'Principles' can be described as 'moral rule - guiding behavior', 'consistent regulation of behavior according to moral law', 'to impress with a doctrine','a constituent part', [ 'a fundamental'. Support is necessary as this is part of what makes health and social care settings successful. Good support services are one of the determining factors for individuals to choose the right health and support services. This assures them that the treatment is both caring and beneficial. Take people with learning disabilities for instance. As individuals, we have choices that we can make independently. People with learning disabilities may have that choice taken away from them. Hence support services are needed to ensure that these people get the best possible care. This code of conduct is necessary because the work you do as a member of the health-care team is very important. The code is a list of statements that set the standard for how you should work on a day-to-day basis The Awareness Centre provides counselling, psychotherapy, psychology and psychosexual and relationship therapy. We work with individuals, couples, families and groups. Our therapists offer face to face and Skype sessions. In view of the ‘New Social Agenda 2006-2010’ the High Level Group also ‘strongly encourages’ a greater emphasis on ‘innovation, new forms of employment, working time management, [and] reconciliation of work and family life’ (p85) with the aim of improved governance. This of course is reflected in the UK initiative ‘Improving Working Lives’ which will be discussed in greater detail in Chapter 2.

McKee et al (2004) note that the European Observatory acts ‘as a bridge between pure academic research and the needs of policy-makers, and to stimulate the development of strategic...

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