Preventing Homelessness

Topics: Unemployment, Homelessness, Health care Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: November 22, 2010
Preventing Homelessness
Sara Lewis
November 6, 2010

Homelessness is a growing problem in today’s society. Because of the economic crises, many people are losing his or her jobs because company’s had to cut back on expenses, as well as companies that have closed down completely. Furthermore because of the economic crises many mental institutions are forced to close the doors because of lack of funds. People who once had a safe healthy place to call home are being forced into homelessness and are lacking the health care needed to ensure a happy healthy life. Something has to be done to assist homeless people in finding housing and healthcare they so desperately need. Although it is not possible to solve the homeless issues overnight, prevention strategies are a first step in providing for the health needs of homeless people. The prevention strategy that needs to be put into place at this point must be Tertiary Prevention Strategy. There needs to be efforts made to not only provide healthcare, but to rehabilitate the homeless as well. Additionally, homeless people suffer from mental disorders, in which they need increased access to healthcare. Not only that but homeless people also suffer from physical health problems such as HIV/AIDS, which can be spread into the community affecting a population of people. Homeless people need access to health care as well as rehabilitation. In order for homeless people to have definite access to both, they must obtain a permanent residence. A solution for providing homeless with a permanent address, accessible healthcare, and rehabilitation, which are directly related, is to first address how many homeless are present in a community. The next step is to investigate how many organizations provide adequate living arrangements for the homeless, if there is a waiting list, and how many are on the waiting list. Next, one must discover how many of the organizations have adequate space to house homeless...

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