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Chapter I

One of the development goals of the Republic of Indonesia is improving the quality of human. Theoretically, the example human quality are intelligent, educated and healthy, will always improve quality and at the same time as members of the community will help to improve the quality of community life. The role of life quality can be seen from the increase in income, housing quality, good health and others. But in reality the relationship is not only the unidirectional, but reciprocity. High quality of life will also affect the quality of the human being. For example, a high income is able to provide nutritional diversity to the intellectual development of children and the opportunity to improve higher education. The success of development activities will be visible impact on the quality improvement. National development is the development of human resources, both men and women. It's been a lot of progress, but the dynamics of global change, the quality of the Indonesian people still have to catch up with many countries in the region and internationally. During this time, the World Bank uses a benchmark of income per capita as a principal measure of the growth of a country. With the benchmark used by the World Bank, Indonesia's position between the order of thirty and forty from below. Sri Lanka is under Indonesia. The latest report of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), as quoted by Tempo (June 9, 1990), mentions the existence of another sequence differences of the various countries of the growth. Mentioned, the position of Indonesia and 82 other countries are under Srilanka. The difference is caused by differences in measurement used. UNDP using a benchmark called HDI (Human Development Index), which not only uses per capita income as an indicator, but also life expectancy, literacy rates, and purchasing power. From some that indicators , UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) tries to make the index to see human qualities, which is called the HDI (Human Development Index). This index is actually a response to the emergence of PQLI (Physical Quality of Life Index) are deemed to be lacking. Regardless of benchmarks which are considered to be adequate, what is important is the existence of an alternative to assess. The HDI is the similarity with quality of life index. There are two indicators that are equally used in both these indices, namely life expectancy and literacy rates. With notes intended PQLI is proposed by Morris, adopted by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Chapter 2

A. Definition
The indicator is something that gives the key to understanding complex or more important issues, can make clear a trend or phenomenon that is not immediately detectable. Defining, measuring, Comparing and analyzing urban indicators for sustainability and quality of life have Become crucial to understanding the urban planning and management process (Hammond, 1995 in De Wel, 1995). The indicator is an important tool to address the challenges to improve our cities, especially knowing how good or bad we live. Quality of Life Index is a broad concept that relates to the overall well-being of a society. The concept goes beyond living conditions approach, which tends to focus on material resources (money, access to goods and services) are available for individuals and consider indicators such as happiness, freedom to choose one's lifestyle and subjective well-being. This concept is so multi-dimensional, and measured by objective and subjective indicators. According Lincolin arsyad (1999) Quality of Life Index is a composite index of three indicators: life expectancy, mortality, and literacy levels huruf. Since 1990 United nations development program for UNDP to develop an index that is now known as the HDI. So, the quality of life index is a measure of the welfare of others in addition to the national income is the quality of life index (PQLI). PQLI is non-economic index is...
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