Poverty and Sustainable Development

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Poverty and Sustainable development

Introduction: What we mean by poverty? And what we mean by Sustainable Development? And many people are not clear about the relation between poverty and Sustainable Development. They think two of them are different topic. But no it’s wrong. There is a strong relationship between two of them. Poverty is a condition or result of the Un-sustainability. So if we want to develop our Sustainability we should consider and focused deeply on the poverty. Now I am giving my own views about these two topics. Generally we know that poverty is that kind of situation which makes people unable to fulfill their basic human needs and who cannot fulfill their basic needs properly and their living condition is low called as poor people. Otherwise usually Sustainable Development is a process use for balancing to fulfill of human needs with the protection of the natural environment so that these needs can be use or fulfilled not only in the present, but also in the indefinite future. Poverty and equity is one of the key principles of sustainable development. Poverty is not a single issue it is now a multidimensional social phenomenon and the whole world is suffering for this. It is not only a problem now it a great challenges for the development practitioners, researchers, governments, multinational corporations and non-government organizations. Without this there are a lots of things are related in this matter. One thing is most important that now this issue is affecting our sustainability. If we want to implement our future sustainable process, we should consider this matter with great importance. Moreover, social development, economic well-being and environmental sustainability are interdependence with each other. To make the development sustainable we need to focus all of them, nothing is less importance. International Human Rights law, poverty law and sustainable development are also related each other. We know International Human Rights give all types of rights for human beings and its give economic, social and cultural rights. International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has provided legal support for the principle of equity and the eradication of poverty. I think poverty, equity, human rights, healths are not separate subject they are closely link each other and one works is affect another one. One question here comes that is poverty a violation of human rights? Human rights have given all kinds of rights but why people are living in poverty line why people are suffering lots for this poverty? Some expert of Office of the High Commission for Human Rights (OHCHR) and UNEP comment that poverty is at the main reason for the violations of many types of human rights and is all at once a big barrier for achieving sustainable development and environment and environmental protection. And if the nations and international levels take a right approach on this matter than it can be helpful to implement the policies and programmers’ to remove this problem. The Agenda 21 has made a special chapter for the poverty eradication it’s discussed broadly in chapter 3 about this topic. The UN has extra Originations who are working for Poverty and some other social issue. In sustainable development indicators poverty is laying down in social. But with other indicators are needed to improve this indicator. Within a sentence there are a numerous numbers of Organizations and Country are taking steps and providing special attention in this regard. My paper I will discuss about poverty and sustainable development, what are the relations between them, how are they intertwined and poverty and some legal articles some reports and case study, interviews, analysis and so on. Problem formulation:

What we mean by poverty?
Generally we mean poverty is shortage of basic human needs including accommodation, foods, cloths, and education, proper treatment or medical care,...
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