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Nursing 9410 Reflection 4
February 12, 2015

Population health as defined by the Institute of Medicine (2002) is the health outcomes of a group of individuals, including the distribution of such outcomes within the group. In 2011, the Health Care Advisory Board’s Care Transformation Center published three key elements for successful population health management. Leaders must plan and prepare for the business of health, partners with others for successful accountability of outcomes, and must define the organization’s role in the community that is serves (Block, 2012). The population is often thought of as in terms of geographic location, but my population can be defined in terms of the campus health of 1300 students. Population health is both the overall health of the population, plus the distribution of health to the group. Many health determinants or factors affect the college population, such as our medical care system, individual behavior, genetics, income and social status, social support networks, education, employment/working conditions, social or physical environment, personal health practices, coping skills, one’s own child development, and the student’s culture can affect the overall health of the group. Each health determinant has a biological impact on the individual and the population overall outcome. Health Services primary care provider’s efforts to improve population health must include drilling down for the root causes, and then targeting and directing efforts that have the greatest potential to impact the health status of the group.

At Health Services our public health efforts are in alignment with the Healthy Campus 2020 health initiatives goals from the American College Health Organization (ACHA). While each campus across the United States is unique( 2 year,4 year, commuter, residential, private, public, a small college or large multi-specialty university), and its population objectives slightly differ according to region and...

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