Population and Migration

Topics: Human geography, Population, Developing country Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: December 2, 2012

Critical Review #2

When talking about globalization, one cannot forget to mention population and migration. Population is one key to growth and success of a country. Where there is a booming economy or a country with future promise of development, there will be huge migration pushes. Migration is an integral component for human behavior and has been a non-stop subject since the dawn of man. However, in many countries over population has changed everyday life for those whether its through conflict, democratization, development, famine, or trade, population growth will be cause conflicts in either a positive or negative way. Migration is one of the most important aspects to how a country develops and therefore is a key ingredient to how a country turns out as a whole.

Migration can be a positive change for any developing country, and who migrates is determined by the country itself and its needs. Men are more likely than women to migrate under ordinary circumstances because the number one reason for a person to migrate in today’s time is labor (Payne 237,238). For developing countries, this is a positive thing because the more people that migrate into that country, the more that country can develop. These “Pull Factors” are positive developments that attract people away from their homes (239). Pull factors can be a very powerful motivator, enough to cause immigrants to leave their homes for promise of higher wages combined with the demand for labor which can in turn cause growth for that country. Migrants provide flexible workers and highly skilled professionals to labor-scarce economic sectors. “Countries such as the United States, which is hosting 20-percent of the world's migrants, can gain from the skills migrants bring. The report cited the need for workers, regardless of their skill level, as one of the factors driving up migration levels in the developed world” (International Migration). They help reduce inflation by lowering prices of...

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