Poor Kids

Topics: Homelessness, Child, Childhood Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: November 5, 2013

Poor Kids

I could relate to the movie because I also grew up poor. It’s full of incredibly sad circumstances. It’s sad to see families, or anyone really, living in a homeless shelter. It’s sad that in a country where there is so much excess, anyone has to be homeless. It is truly depressing when a person, especially a child, sees other people have nice, clean things and eating food, food that is a special treat for a poor person. The ridicule and humiliation that stem from material items are sadly inherent of our culture. All of the children seemed wise beyond their ages. I believe this is one of the many effects of poverty on children. I don’t fully believe in the idea that people make their own circumstances. Children definitely have no control over their circumstances, and their childhood is going to shape the adults they become. According to the textbook more than 15 million children are living in poverty in the United States. As a social worker one should use statistics to inform and advocate on individual, community and national levels for children and their families (Segal, Gerdes, & Steiner, 2013). It is incredibly important to educate about and promote programs that provide income support for families (Segal et al, 2013). I believe it is easy for people to pass judgment on the parents in these situations. One might believe the parent didn’t try hard enough and is lazy, when in fact they are doing the best they can with what they have had available. Poverty has negative effects on a child’s health, including mental health, development, overall well-being and leads to a lack of opportunity for social, economic, and educational advancement (Segal et al, 2013). Because of this fact, I believe that more than likely the parents of these families grew up in poverty themselves. Poverty is also likely to cause parental stress that can lead to child abuse (Segal et al, 2013). Child abuse will cause many, many...

References: Segal, Elizabeth A., Gerdes, Karen E., Steiner, Sue (2013). An Introduction to the Profession of Social Work Becoming A Change Agent 4th Ed. USA:Brooks/Cole.
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