Polluting in Third World

Topics: Pollution, Third World, Environmentalism Pages: 5 (1890 words) Published: February 10, 2013
LaNeisha Hamilton

Professor Grizzell

Business Ethics

December 2, 2012

Business polluting in Third World countries what’s the Ethical Implication
Third world countries are poorer and undeveloped countries they are exceptionally poor environmental situations. In these poorer nations pollution is allowed. Businesses from western countries which are wealthy take advantage of that situation. These businesses depot their garbage and haphazard waste in poor and under developing countries. There are many businesses that headquarters are located in the United States but the manufacturing facilities in third world countries. For companies that are contaminating in a these poorer nation they think that because these countries are third world countries which are poor and under developed. In Third World countries do not have the conditions that the United States have to prevent business doing harm to the environment and to health of the people. This leave undeveloped and poor countries left with making a huge decision on whether eat and prove a living for their families or not or to have a clean environment. That is a tough situation to be in if I was in that situation honestly I do not know which one I will choose. Some people may say that these businesses take advantage of this situation. I agree that businesses do take advantage. These businesses dump their trash and other hazardous waste into these poor countries. Businesses go into third world nations and build facilities and plant. Those plants contamination the air of these poorer nations they do so they not have to deal with the laws and regulations which businesses have face in the United States. Water and air pollution, deforestation, and poisoning are environmental issues that poorer countries are dealing with. Latin America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe are the countries that many of these businesses are flocking to. Businesses come in to these poor countries where most of the people don’t have the education of what these chemicals can do to them and their families Some of the reason why these countries are the ones that are victimize mostly I feel is because environmental inequality. Many of these corporations / business that produce harmful chemicals that are overly dangerous and adverse in the United States find an acceptable market in these poorer countries. In these poorer countries their government cannot restrict the usage of the chemical that are being use. The governments are trying to find a way for their citizens to provide and make a living. Many questions that are asked are how these businesses can do this, can this be fair. It is not fair looking at it from a moral stand point, but there are no laws that will make this impossible to happen to these countries. These countries also suffer from environmental difficulties caused by poverty and war. Reason Business Conduct in Third World Countries

Some may ask how these businesses damage the environment. One way they harm the environment by taking natural resources from the planet and dispose of waste. Some businesses discharge waste into bodies of water such as ponds and rivers where the citizens drink from. This is sometimes relatively harmless to the ecosystem. China in 2011 was the second largest world they created 2.3 million mass of electronic waste there is an enormous amounts of electronic waste imported from overseas. Processing and dismantling of electronic waste establish employment by recycling valuable materials but its cause misfortune to the employee and the habitat by absolving pollutants. Guiyu, China has the world’s largest electronic waste. There were 60,000 workers in 2005 that processed more than 100 truck load of electronic waste. The waste site has established employment but it has created many problems such as health issues and presumptive issues the primitive recycling operations are dangerous and toxic to their workers’ health. Their families health is also...
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