Phase 5 Individual Project

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Phase 5 Individual Project
CMP Plan Part 5: Conclusion and Call to Action
By Belinda Ashley
Career Planning and Management
Professor Janelle Custard
September 20, 2011

This class was really a class that I’ll walk away from feeling as if I’ve learned more about myself and my motivations for why and how I do the things I do. When I think about what our WholeBrain Assessment told me about myself, it made many of my actions make a lot of sense. With my strongest preference being in L1, I found the preferences to be right on point while disagreeing with my potential career choices. I found myself also agreeing with the thought preferences of my second strongest thought preference, L2. However, I also found no passion with the subjects and career preferences, there, either. I found that I had a great deal of agreement in thought and preference towards my weakest thought preference. It fully expressed my way of doing things as well as pointing to the career goals I’ve had in my head for myself my entire life. I’ve found however, that my third weakest thought preference tended to be more reflective of my personality more than the way I think. I believe there are some parts of people’s personalities and behaviors that have little to do with how they think. Their personalities simply just are or as they say, “They came by them honestly.”

I won’t let the Assessment impact or influence how I learn while at CTUO. I have classes that I must take to get my degree and I will take them and do them to the best of my ability—even if they are classes that I have no interest in. While I may think a certain way, sometimes, I simply have to “bite the bullet” and just do what I must to learn the material and sometimes to apply it as well.

I don’t feel that my results influenced my SMART goals. It may on some rudimentary level farther down the line influence how I go about acting on those goals, but I like most people, I don’t make goals based on how easy and attainable they are. I make them because they need to be done and they are something that I use as hallmarks for how well I am doing on my way to my bigger picture.

My results were somewhat accurate about how I would lead. I tend to lead in two ways—directly and indirectly. When I lead directly, I’m pretty up-front about what I want and what I expect. Some say that I am cold. When I lead in an indirect manner, I tend to lead by letting others think that what they are doing is their idea or something that they already wanted to do before I had a chance to suggest the task. As a result, I can be dispassionate in one way and manipulative in the other way. Either way, I’m known for getting things done.

My short-term goals include raising my GPA and working on my languages. I want to bring my GPA closer to 4.0 and I also want to get a deeper grasp into my languages that my future potential employees will require of me.

My long-term goals included losing weight and graduating in 2012 with the intent to get a second degree. I want to finally say I earned my degree. I also want to get healthier because many businesses or organization like top-ranked students and many corporations want to hire [perceived] healthy people rather than overweight or obese people.

Skill areas that I need to improve upon are time management, planning when it comes to doing one task, and not allowing myself to become overly focused on any one task. I tend to do better when I have to multi-task. Sometimes, having only one thing to focus on makes me lose focus or become bored. For the most part, I mostly need to stay focused on my languages, spend as much free time as possible getting ahead in my classes and taking better care of myself. My goal is to have all of this accomplished before the end of 2012.

In the nearly six weeks that we’ve had this class, many things have changed about my thoughts for the future. I didn’t always know what I wanted to do or be once I got my degree....
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