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1st set of assignment

Principles of management

1. Describe the managerial levels & managerial skills in hospital administration Management. 2. Compare the managerial Theory advocated by FW Taylor and Henry Fayol.Which theory, you feel is more suitable in Hospital management? Why? 3. Define Planning. Explain strategic and tactical planning and objectives. How will you apply them in hospital setup? 4. Your Hospital wants to organize a cataract detection & surgery camp. Describe in detail as to how you propose to go about it and make the camp a great success. 5. Write about Maslow’s need of Hierarchy and Herzberg Two Factor Theory. 6. What is SWOT analysis?

7. Write short notes on any two :
* Centralization and Decentralization
* Peter Ducker’s contribution in management
* Delegation
* Directing
Financial Management
1. How will you define concepts of Accounting? How is it applicable in Hospitals? 2. How will you define Depreciation? How it is considered in a Hospital Setup? 3. Classify the various costs in healthcare sector. Give the details of each cost with examples. 4. Define & classify the budget.

5. Discuss the relevance of Investment Decisions in the Hospital setup with examples. 6. Elaborate the concepts of shares, Equity & Debentures.

Materials Management
1. Purchase procedure is one of the important tasks of procurement of any material.Discuss in detail the purchase procedure of any one item in 200 bedded hospital. 2. What is an inventory control?Discuss various techniques of inventory control.Give examples of any five items in 500 bedded hospital. 3. What do you understandby equipment planning?Discuss its importance in proper utilization of financial resources of the hospital. 4. What are the various types of maintainance procedures?Discuss advantages/disadvantages of preventive maintainance of equipments in a hospital. 5. Discuss in detail,condemnation...
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