Pet Supplies Business Plan

Topics: Management, Marketing, Advertising Pages: 2 (321 words) Published: December 10, 2014
Pet Shop & Supplies Business plan

I. Business Goals

a. To increase sales by at least 10% for the first three years of operation.

b. To be a leader in the pet feeder product market with a measurable share of the market c. To make Customers Satisfied

d. To Make Other Branches so people don’t have to go places far away

e. To make this the number 1 pet supply store

II. Strategies

a. Focused on design professionals, pet care professionals and government agencies.

b. Marketing Effort

c. Will put different kinds of advertisement

d. Maintaining cleanliness

e. Making The place Fabulous

Section 1:

a. Description of business

This business is about Animals and animal supplies. It will be place here in Pagbilao Quezon. There will be lots of indoor pets to choose from and their personal material as well

b. Product/Service

My Pet shop will be selling indoor pets that you can take care and tools for them. There will be different kinds of animals Like Dogs, cats, bunnies etc.

c. Market

1. Nice Atmosphere for the customers
2. Cleanliness
3. Advertisements

d. Location of Business

Pagbilao Quezon it has no Pets shop

e. Competition

There is no really competition because we have no rival business near us. It is located far away

f. Management

This business will hire maintenance men that should be on duty every week to clean dirty cages. The cleanliness of the cages should be well maintained. Also, we will assign a person who’s in charge of the security of the pets. The maintenance of the quality of the products being sold from this business is crucial. The pets will be all sorted out and organized. We will ensure the cleanliness of our business which is our top priority. Another person who is in charge of replacing water of every animal and also in putting the right amount of food to avoid the risk of the animal to be overfed
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