Personal Reflection

Topics: Homelessness Pages: 3 (1274 words) Published: February 14, 2011
Personal Reflection
Helping those who can’t help themselves is a wonderfully rewarding, frustrating, fulfilling, but also draining experience. The circumstances surrounding the situation can make it stressful, but worth it once you’ve touched someone’s life. In this essay I will be sharing with you the different types of helpless people as well as share my opinions and ideas about the topic of helping those in need.

There’s no feeling like the feeling of helping someone that is not capable of helping themselves. The circumstances surrounding the situation can be a lot to handle. For instance, when taking care of a child you are obligated to monitor his or her every movement because a child can easily move into harm’s way. The structure of a child is naturally delicate and fragile so it is extremely important to take that into consideration. Whether the child is playing in a jungle gym or simply running around injury is always a possibility. A child’s immaturity contends to hinder his or her senses so it is up to the caretaker to use their more sensible point of view to make up for that. Children are very curious and adventurous beings and it can be said that “curiosity killed the cat.” Often children do not consider the possible repercussions of their uninhibited actions. It is an adult’s responsibility to supervise children in the proper manner to prevent them from making harmful or even life threatening decisions.

Providing for a child is also a key factor in proper development. Providing for a child includes but is not limited to proper nourishment, a roof over his head, and clothing. Children need to have good sense of security in their lives which will result in them feeling more confident in themselves as they grow older. A baby not being fed is like a cow with no milk, meaning the baby will not operate correctly. Seeing that children are incapable of providing for themselves, the caretaker is responsible for feeding the child even if it requires...
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