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POST NEGOTIATION MEMORANDUM (Federal Acquisition Regulation, [FAR], 2014). Jottemdown Manufacturing Inc.
701 Scholastic Road
Allbeoversoon, MD 21344
Contract No. W56HZV-14-R-0092
Stinger Tracking System Program
Case No. 9268

1. Introductory Summary: Negotiations were concluded on 22 November 2014 for delivery order 700801-92 on Contract No. W56HZV-14-R-0092. This CPFF delivery order provides for the development and delivery of 100 Seekers for the Stinger Tracking System Program over the span of 24 months.

2. Cost Analysis and Evaluation of Proposed Costs:
Analysis of Direct Labor Costs: (Murphy, 2009, Chapter 6)
Analysis of Direct Material and Other Direct Costs: (Murphy, 2009, Chapter 7) Analysis of Indirect Costs (Murphy, 2009, Chapter 8)

3. Direct and Indirect Rates: Below is a comparison of JMI’s proposed direct, indirect costs and rates, as well as the negotiated costs after the FAA’s team of financial subject matter experts (SMEs) requested technical breakdowns of the proposed costs as they relate to the direct, indirect, and other direct costs follows: (FIND SOMETHING TO CITE THAT MENTIONS BASES AND POOLS) and then mention it in reference to the figures below.

Direct Costs
Fee Rate
Direct Material Sched A


Direct Labor Sched B


Subcontracts Sched C


Other Direct Costs Sched D


Total Direct Costs


Indirect Costs

Labor Overhead Sched E


Material Overhead

Subcontract Overhead

Total Cost Input



Total Cost


COM Sched F


FFP Profit

Total Price


In accordance with Table 15-2 of FAR 15.408 JMI was asked to produce supporting records for their projected direct labor costs to...

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