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Pre-Feasibility Economic Study for Multi-Storey Apartment Complex at Chak Shazad

Submitted By: Adila Anwar

November 2010

Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction and Background
Section 2: Project Concept and Design
Section 3: Project Financial Profile

Section - 1Introduction

Introduction and Background to the assignment

The project is to design a sustainable multi-storey apartment complex in Islamabad. The site for this project is located in Chak Shazad, opposite CIIT campus on Park Road. The relatively flat site measures approximately 3.91 acres and falls under the jurisdiction of CDA . Water table was encountered at a depth of 180’ +/- below existing ground level. Due to limits of the soil bearing capacity, the findings in the report recommend that a raft foundation be designed for a multi-storey building as have been the foundation design of other multi-storey buildings built in this area. The site is accessed by the 2-lane Park Road, which is a high speed road. Considerations should be given to a deceleration lane prior to entry to the site.

The development is to be undertaken by a private company and the type of units would be apartments for middle class to upper class type clientele with individual apartments to be for sale on an ownership basis. However, the developer, while wishing to maximize his profits, also recognizes that the housing complex should be distinctive, spacious, airy, daylight, convey an open feeling, a green/sustainable building and contribute to good living. The complex offering these valuable amenities contributing to good living, among other facilities, could be priced higher than other normal housing complex .

In this area the setting is mostly rural but this is as a result more of it being undeveloped thus so far. In time to come, this area would convey an urban feeling due to the various educational and institutions and other buildings that would be added to the existing buildings. As designers, need to create a rural/urban feeling within the individual housing units. Special attention needs to be paid to designing a sustainable building design with respect to environment in Islamabad.

One of the mainstays of sustainability and green buildings is the location of the building site. This site is located in the suburbs of the city, and is unfavorable to sustainability due to the impact of transportation energy required to access this site from other areas. The availability of public transportation in this area is very limited and this site is mostly accessible by cars and a very limited and inadequate public transportation. As compensation the developer envisages that this building would accommodate the owner’s commercial/community facilities such as a community hall, meeting rooms, gym, swimming pool, shops, a daycare center, gymnasium, common open outdoor spaces and an outdoor walking/running track, all of which would reduce the need to spend transportation energy on a daily basis.

As architect/designer, need to develop a building program to include functional spaces, facilities and amenities. As developer, have to conduct a market pre-feasibility study which would ensure a good potential investment and rate of return.


As designer and developer a blue print of the project needs to be designed. In particular following needs to be delivered:

A pre-feasibility economic study to be included in the design brief. A building program outlining no. of housing units, size of units (one-bed, two-bed, three- bed, etc. and square footage) and all other amenities to be provided. Include also green/sustainable features, which you would incorporate in your design. Key emphasis will be placed on the functional spaces and green effect of the project. This will include community hall, meeting rooms, gym, swimming pool, shops, a daycare center, gymnasium, common open outdoor spaces and an outdoor...
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