Organising and Delegating

Topics: Vocational education, Pallet, Management Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: December 4, 2011
RECOR POWER LTD is a company that sells woodworking machinery for both home and industrial use all over the world. May it be a panel saw for major industrial work or a small band saw for home use in someone’s garage or shed, we also supply parts and accessories for many machines either new, old or purchased from us or are competitors. Although we do not make the machines are selves we do own tooling to make the machines and also are heavily involved in the designing of them. At RECORD POWER we have a sales team some of which are in house some not. We have a purchasing department, a marketing department and a warehouse for both goods in and goods out. I am currently working within the warehouse as team leader we have three permanent warehouse personnel, a warehouse manager and trainee apprentice. We are a small team which all must pull together to get the most out of are recourses. All permanent warehouse staff has licences for forklift trucks both counter balance and reach all have manual handling certificates two have NVQ’ S in warehouse and distribution. Because we are a small team it is important for us to work together and all have knowledge and experience in many different aspects of the job so that if there are any absences or leave we can cope with minimal distribution. We do have an organisation chart in the warehouse on which people are allocated specific job roles. On the organisation chart I am currently in charge of postal orders and export orders. I have qualifications in warehouse and distribution, team leading, portable appliance testing, fire marshal certificates and first aider. One of our permanent members of staff has not been with us very long joining as an apprentice he gained his qualification and was made a permanent member of staff and know is gaining his team leader qualification. Postal orders...
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