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There’s No Place like Home There’s No Place like Home 2

As a well-educated person there is a number you should know and may have never given a second thought. Can you guess what that number is? I’ll give you a hint; America has the leading number of this in the world! No I’m not referring to teenage pregnancy; I’m talking about homelessness. The number we should all know is how many homeless people are in the United States. It’s not something people may think of everyday but more and more people are losing their homes every day.

Knowing this number is important for the simple fact that we as human beings can do something to help decrease the rate of homelessness in our country. We can all do something to prevent someone from becoming homeless. Staying in school, having a backup plan, asking for help, etc. are all ways to prevent someone from becoming homeless. And we can help each other to stay motivated to fight poverty. Researchers guarantee if we all knew the number of people that are homeless today we would think twice about our future and realize that in a blink of an eye everything can be taking away from us.

The number of homelessness in America is approximately 3.5 million people, 1.35 million of them are children, 35% of the homeless population are families with children, which is the fastest growing segment of the homeless population, 23% are U.S. military veterans, 25% are children under the age of 18 year, 30% have experienced domestic violence, and 20-25% suffers from mental illness (National Law Center on

There’s No Place like Home There’s No Place like Home 3

Homelessness and Poverty, 2007). This is not including the people that are at risk of losing their house due to lack of income. This could be anyone including you according to statistics. Now that you know this number do you think there are ways you can help yourself and other? If so now is your chance to make to make a difference in the U.S and taking action. It is time...
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