nuclear war

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Violence, United Nations Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: January 20, 2014

Duck and Cover

Americans were flooded with messages about the dangers of atomic weapons and attack from foreign powers through pamphlets, household objects, media and film. ( Living under the threat of nuclear war would have been a stressful event in my life. Nuclear war can happen at any given point without warning. It’s like I should be ready and prepared to die if necessary from an attack. I would constantly be looking over my shoulders and worrying myself beyond measures trying to stay prepared for the unthinkable. During these trying times working American couldn’t focus on daily life functions. These basic functions consist of trying to live a normal life without the constant reminder of having a nuclear war. I can’t even imagine how to live life in these conditions. It’s frightening because a nuclear war can eliminate everyone off the earth. People can understand how powerful that is, because there is no way that it can be stopped. The radiation is very strong, that a human being cannot sustain in those conditions. Both conflicts has involved Americans because of aggression to the Democratic way of life ( The similarities between terrorism and the nuclear war is that both attacks can be unpredicted. They both target violence and killing innocent people. Each acts causes pain and suffering to love ones. Terrorist can make radioactive material the same a nuclear war. What makes them different is that nuclear war requires mass organization, governments, countries and thousands of volunteers and military personnel, while terrorism can be performed with just one or two individuals. ( When an act of terrorism is done, the individuals believe this is a sacrifice due to their religious beliefs as a Muslim. A nuclear war can results to more death because they target is...
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