No Place to call Home

Topics: Homelessness, Homeless shelter, Saint Francis House Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: December 4, 2013
No place to call Home
You’re on your way home from work or school and you stop at a red light. As you patiently wait for the light to glisten green you notice someone walking in between the rows of cars. It’s not the usual person who’s always selling water and random fruits; instead it’s a person in raggedy clothes holding a sign that reads “Please help. I’m homeless” written on a cardboard flap. Now the question is what are you going to do? Will you reach into your wallet and give this poor soul a donation or will you pretend to look for something in your car and act as though you can’t see them? The sad truth is more than half of us would perform the second option without even realizing it. Homelessness has been around for a long time. No one seems to be doing anything about it and it’s not because there isn’t any way to fix it because there is we just don’t care enough to act on it. We could create more stabilized homeless shelters; improve the homeless organizations we have initiated, and expand and/or open up more job opportunities for people in these types of situations. There’s a big controversy with the way people perceive the homeless. A lot of people believe that they are homeless due to their own wrong-doings. Whether it is drugs, alcohol, gambling etc. which can be very true at times but that is not always the case. There are times when a person goes through a rough patch in life. They could’ve gotten fired from their job, lost their house, or just recently got a divorce. These things can also lead to homelessness. I suggest we put further effort into the present day homeless shelters. We could create hybrid homeless shelter that is not only a place for them to eat and sleep but doubles as a rehab center for those who have any type of addiction. Society has created organizations for a variety of different social issues. Some have more of an impact than others, regarding those created for the homeless; they have not made a grand...
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