New Health Horizons Online Expansion Proposal

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New Health Horizons Online Expansion Proposal

New Health Horizons Online Expansion Proposal

A1. Viability
New Health Horizons is a health insurance company that offers great economical health plans such as an HMO plan; a PPO and a POS plan with in network and out of network benefits. Medicare and individual plans are also available for single consumers and families. The company also offers benefit administration for employer groups that design their own benefits for their employees. New Health Horizons provides a member call center, provider call center, medical management, a disease management program and claims processing for all clients. The company has so much to offer that it is imperative that an online environment is created for potential consumers throughout Ohio and other states. A company website will allow potential consumers to view information regarding the company and also the plans that are available. The products and services offered will also do well in an online environment because if the company is closed, potential consumers can request a quote and current consumers will have the ability to verify benefits and stay up to date with changes that occur within the company. Information can be automated, providing a quick response to a customer without human intervention. Consumers also like to view accreditations of a company, make payments online and converse with customer service via the web opposed to calling by phone. Also, many customers have requested a company website in order to receive insurance quotes from year to year so they may compare premiums with companies that also have an online presence.

A2. Competitor Assessment
The online local and national competitors are Medical Partners and United Health insurance companies. Medical Partners has a very nice website which includes a box on the main home page to enter your zip code in order to request a quote. Quotes are instantly generated which allows a consumer to make a decision a lot faster opposed to waiting for a response. The site also has links to educate consumers in regards to health insurance basics, how to choose a plan and how healthcare reform will affect individuals. This information is very helpful for those individuals that do not understand the basics of health insurance and what plan would work best for them. Medical Partners also provides a search tool to locate physicians and hospitals within an individual’s zip code to make sure the physicians they currently see are in the network if they choose to purchase their insurance product.

United Health’s website does not have a link to request a quote. The site requires you to register and it is not as user friendly as Medical Partners which is a weakness. There is a link to locate physicians, hospitals and other facilities that are in the network. The site does not have any educational resources regarding the basics of health insurance or how to choose a plan. It does have a link which takes you to another site for women’s health and African American health. This is somewhat bias and limited as it does not provide information regarding children and men’s health.

Some of the strengths for Medical Partners are that the company has been in business longer than any other competitor. The company is also very active in the community and provides information for community events they have and are participating in. This is definitely a strength because they have a presence within the community which allows their name to be recognized more easily and consumers will be more familiar with the company opposed to the competitors. The prices for the products are somewhat attractive but the premiums for Medicare members are extremely high which is a weakness when other competitors have $0 premiums for their consumers. The strengths for United Health are the blogs that are listed on the website that...

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