Nestle Water Scandal

Topics: United Nations, United States, Bottled water Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: March 23, 2014
Nestle is no stranger to boycott. Beginning in the 1970’s the corporation which brought consumers trusted brands such as Ovaltine and Nestle Tollhouse chips suffered backlash from their aggressive marketing of infant formula in underdeveloped countries, which was leading to sickness and death among infants. Consumers across the United States not only boycotted Nestle brands and products but petitioned and picketed to gain support against the corporation. Ethical business practices along with the exploiting of natural resources have taken their toll on Nestle, but not just the company’s bottom line has seen effects. Stakeholders such as small rural communities in the Great Lakes region, the East Coast, even in Western areas such as the Arkansas River in Utah, as well as third world countries including Nigeria, Ethiopia and Pakistan have dealt with the production and sale of Nestle bottled water. As soon as Nestle began extracting and bottling the water from natural sources throughout the United States municipalities and citizens took notice. Nestle is the largest extractor of water in the city of Detroit and state of Michigan. Although other bottlers such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo also extract water, Nestle has been credited with doing the great amount of environmental damage. “Opponents say Nestle's pumping is lowering water levels in local creeks and lakes -- systems that feed the Great Lakes. In Ontario, a hydrologist hired by a group opposing the Nestle plant reported that the company was using 7 percent of the local water supply and depleting the flow of a creek,” Kari Lydersen of the Washington Post in her article, Bottled Water at Issue in Great Lakes reported. Citizens, lawmakers and environmentalists have made many attempts to force Nestle out of the Great Lakes Region, or to at least impose a tax on the corporation to increase revenue for governments at the state and local level. With the growth in consumption of bottled water every year the demand...
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