National Health Care Spending

Topics: Health care, Health economics, Health insurance Pages: 4 (1443 words) Published: January 21, 2013
National Health Care Spending
Angela Gentile
Mr. Geoffrey Suszkowski
Date: January 15, 2013

National health care spending in the United States is out of control. I will identify national health care expenditure, and my opinion on the spending “is it too much or not enough”. This paper will explain the about public health and the needs to paid for various payers with total percentages. With that we will discuss the economic challenges and how the government will address the matter. Is our country going to be able to change our medical crisis? What needs to be done? And can it be done? The current dollar level or national health care expenditures: In 2011 US health care spending reached 2.7 trillion dollars. Health care spending is still growing. The GDP (gross domestic product) remains stable at 17.9 percent from 2009 through 2011. The America health care has become a major legislative and policy issues. These increase in the cost of health care is causing major stress on Federal, State, and in household budget across the nation. My opinion on the spending level on health care,” is it too much or not enough”. I feel the spending in the US on health care is too much, because the over abuse by doctors, hospitals, etc… do. I feel that doctors and hospital will exhaust the insurance companies. I feel today we lost the quality of care and the services at medical offices, even in the hospitals. Our health care spending is high and keeps growing. Due to the economy and more and more people are out of work. Those people are all applying for government benefits such as; Medicaid, TANF and extension of unemployment benefits. These are just a few crises or country going through. Poverty is increasing and a large number of people have no medical insurance. Now there are some States cutting health benefits to children who are very needy. Congress and the White House still are arguing about no time and no money, and it doesn’t have to...

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