My First Love

Topics: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Friendship Pages: 2 (811 words) Published: August 23, 2013
My First True Love

Teens deal with conflict on a day-to-day basis. This holds true especially for Jason. You could say Jason was your average everyday teenager. He plays the guitar in his free time and has a great number of friends. But as for girlfriends, that’s a different story. It’s not like he isn’t an attractive guy. He has short brown hair, hazel eyes and a smile that was incomparable. His amazing guitar skills and abilities would make a girl go through the roof. And for one special girl, they do. Jason has attended a summer camp for the past four years. During these four years at camp there are at least ten girls who fall for him. Any other guy would see this as great, but not Jason. For three out of the four years he was at camp Jason had Brooke waiting on him at home. Brooke and Jason adored each other. But this summer would be different. Jason attends camp not looking for anyone but ends up meeting Laura. Laura lives in Campbell County and this is her second year at the camp. Nothing really happens between them. They just become friends and promise to keep in touch until the next summer. The phone calls are endless with e-mails and online chats even longer. They are really starting to bond. By mid-September Jason’s mom, Tracy decides it’s time for everyone from the camp to meet up again before Halloween. She plans an all weekend sleepover at their house. Friends from all over the different counties will come and party the whole weekend through. The weekend before the big party, Randy, Jason’s best friend from camp comes in and helps his mom get the house ready. During that weekend, Brooke breaks Jason’s heart. She says she still loves him but isn’t in love with him. Jason is devastated. How could this be happening to him? Talking to Laura on the phone helps because she was going through the same thing. Although Laura won’t be able to make it to the party the following weekend, she calls often during that time to be there for Jason....
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