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Topics: Heroin, Guyana, Police Pages: 3 (705 words) Published: March 6, 2014

The General Assembly,
Expressing deep concern that there is still, despite some  efforts, a large drug trafficking problem in Guyana, and that the drugs being trafficked through Guyana are fueling the rising drug addiction issues in North America and Europe,

Alarmed at the number of lives lost due to drug trafficking in Guyana as a result of drug lords killing those who attempt to obstruct the movement of their cocaine,
Viewing with appreciation previous efforts made by the UN and other international agencies to assist Guyana in this issue, Noting with regret that the above mentioned efforts have not been sufficient to tackle the entire issue in a way that will impact the long term situation,

Deeply concerned that the ports of Guyana, along with the numerous waterways and landing strips that are not monitored, do not have an appropriate amount of security (in most cases, no security is in place), due to lack of government funding for such a task,

Grieved that the local police forces do not have adequate training in drug control, security, or the basic human rights by which they are expected to follow, and thus command no respect or support from the people of Guyana,

Bearing in mind the local authorities have expressed a need, and want, for assistance to increase their productivity and effectiveness in law enforcement, Concerned by the gross overcrowding of the prisons (many of which were built to house up to 600 inmates, and are currently housing over 1000) due to individuals being held in cells for over 2 years awaiting trials; thus preventing the imprisonment of active drug trafficking criminals through lack of availability of cells,

Convinced that there is not a sufficient annual budget for the national authorities. The budget for NANCOS (National Anti-Narcotics Secretariat) is integrated with the budget of the Secretariat of the...
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