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Topics: United Nations, President, United States Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: June 2, 2013
My name is Selim Evrengil and I am currently a 10th grader in Hisar Schools. I have attended 12 conferences so far in my MUN career, including elite conferences such as THIMUN and RCIMUN and I also have a chairing experience on this conference last year. Model United Nations has given me added knowledge on modern-day politics and has taught me to support different opinions and being an unbiased person. It has also helped me make great strides in my personality as I grew a more dominant of a person and learned how to express myself in public. Now lets get to the part you guys want to know about. I would like to be the President of the Security Council in your conference. I think being the President of the very same committee where I was the Vice-President just the prior year, in the same conference will be exceptional, because I will be very much familiar with setting of the committee and conference itself. I can’t imagine anyone being as comfortable as me being a president, considering that I will be chairing the same committee in two successive years. I would also like to remind you that I have previously been a delegate as well in this council in the distinguished RCIMUN. Also I have to note that I have extensive knowledge about the agenda items of this year’s Security Council. Firstly, “the situation in Mali” was the main issue I focused on the RCIMUN conference where I was a delegate in this council, like I stated before. Secondly, like most of us MUNers do, I have considerable familiarity with the background on the issue of the “Security Council Reform” . Finally, even though I think I have the required experience and knowledge for this position, I also think I do exhibit one more vital attribute in order to become a student officer, especially in a JMUN conference, and that is being a great mentor. Most of the kids in my committee (If I get chosen!) will likely be debuting their respective MUN careers and their life as delegates. So I think as student...
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