Movie Report: Extreme Measures

Topics: Homelessness Pages: 2 (894 words) Published: April 8, 2006
This film "Extreme Measures" enables us, the viewers, to regard another side in medical issues today; in which humans are being treated as lab rats against their own will, in the name of science. It talks about a young British doctor named Dr. Guy Luthar, who is at the beginning of a great long term career with the Gramercy hospital in New York. The movie begins with two homeless men running for their lives from some unknown entity, one of which ends up at Gramercy hospital under the treatment of Dr. Guy Luthar. We manage to find out three aspects about him, before he dies in a horrific manner, one of which is his name, Claude Minkins, and that the man who had saved his life was called Teddy Dolsen (who was the other man we saw at the start of the movie running for his life). Dr Luthar also finds silver wrist bands, which are used in hospitals; therefore, he was being treated at a hospital before he ended up at Gramency. We also hear him tell Dr Luthan that he was at "Triphase". Dr. Luthan was unable to find out the reason why Claude had died , thus he decides to send Claude's body for inspection, in hope to find out what had really taken place, but later finds out that all of Claude's records had disappeared into thin air along with Claude's body. This leads Dr. luthan to begin investigating on his own, during this time period Dr. Luthan is being constantly trailed by two officers who manage to break into his home and frame him; as a result, Dr. Luthan looses his job. We the audience understand that another doctor in Dr. Guy Luthans field is the founder of "Triphase" which happens to be an organization that carries tests on homeless men but for an unrevealed cause. Unaware of the dangers awaiting him Dr. Luthar continues investigating the case of Clause Minkins even if it did cost him his entire career. Dr. Luthan manages to find out from one of his homeless patients that underground lays a whole other habitat where only the homeless live in. There, Dr. Luthan...
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