Moral Education

Topics: Education, Morality, Teacher Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: November 3, 2008
Growing Need & Recognition of
Moral Education in Present Scenario

By Moral Education “we mean inculcation of refined ideals, values, principles with a view to bring a purposeful behavioural change among the inhabitants of this universe”. Man is created as a paragon of creation. He has got the power of learning and has changed from a mere animal to a civilized one by inculcating perpetual learning skills. This implies that continuous learning emanating from education plays pivotal role in making him resourceful, purposeful and usable for the society. Man has gained control over the nature but still we can’t deny the supremacy of the nature. All the holy books and scriptures remind us about the moral aspects of life but we have kept those thoughts over the shelves. Education is a tri-polar process involving Teacher, Pupil and the Society wherein the Teacher processes the Pupil and their interaction has a direct bearing on the society. If the pupils are trained along the lines of morality, they become the flag bearers of the society. But the current system of education in Kashmir presents a gloomy picture as the educational institutions have merely become the factories of producing the stereotyped and corrupted individuals.

There is no denying the fact that system of education in Kashmir has progressed a lot both qualitatively and quantitatively but at the same time the moral aspects associated with the educational system have been grossly underplayed which has adversely affected the development of personality of the youth. Now-a-days, we have equipped all the institutions with the modern psycho-technical trends ignoring the aforesaid aspect which has lead to the creation of corrupted individuals for tomorrow. Such individuals seldom the law and order and show least concern for others thereby posing a serious threat to the prevailing peace in the society. Commercialization of education at system has further deteriorated wherein...
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