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() students represented Valley Forge at the Cleveland Council of World Affairs Model United Nations Conference at the Church of the Covenant in Cleveland on April 10-11th. The CCWA Model UN is a conference in which students from across Northeast Ohio collaborate to solve real-world problems while representing countries from around the globe. Students from Valley Forge represented European nations specifically. Pupils were tasked to discuss and create resolutions that both represented their country’s views while still gaining popular support among other students in their committee. Topics were both passive (such as human rights or peacemaking) and aggressive (international security and violence). Students were scored on ability to write resolutions, knowledge of their country and topics at hand, and speaking clarity and accuracy. Mr. Van Jura and Mr. Vojta led the Valley Forge team and coached students on not only writing but also speaking skills. Meetings were held frequently on Wednesdays after school, and Mr. Vojta saw a large amount of improvement with the students over the six-month process. (Vojta quote)

Being competitive at Model UN was an especially taunting task. Many other schools had students who previously had participated in Model UN (some for up to 6 years); while most Forge representatives were first time participants. Model UN is also an elective at some schools, whereas it is an extracurricular here at Valley Forge. Despite this, juniors Kyle Krempa and Justin Cook won an excellent delegation award for their work at the two-day conference. Kyle and Justin represented Italy in the United Nations Development Program. “I had a great time at the conference,” stated Cook. “I got a chance to learn a little bit about the world’s struggles and how diplomacy and delegation can help alleviate them.” Overall, the Model UN was not only a success for Valley Forge but also a way to demonstrate the ability of the young minds who could become the leaders...
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