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Guide for Position Paper Writing

Position Paper Submission Guidelines
A Position Paper is a brief summarize of a country's policy and interests concerning the topics on the Agenda. It should contain a clear statement of the country’s position on the topic and clear reasoning, also suggesting an action plan concerning the issues under consideration. It not a speech neither a statement, so there is no need for a salutation in the beginning. The Position Paper should be a product of the delegate’s own research and should be concise and substantial. After having researched on the topic and formed a precise idea about the external policy of the delegating state you are now called to make a small abstract on the situation linked to the topic, the position of your country, actions taken in a multilateral level and proposed actions for future consideration. In the first part of your Position Paper you should briefly address the issues on the Agenda, the relevancy and the scope of the problem. You should mention the major players, the current developments concerning the issues under discussion, the action UN has taken in this respect, whether by specialized agencies, regional bodies or non-governmental organizations, the most significant resolutions that have been passed, international treaties and provisions for future action. In the second part you should specify the official position of the country you represent in respect to the issues under consideration. It should include brief statements about where your country stands on the issue in question, past statements on the topic by representatives of your government, especially if these mention the significance of the issues on the Agenda to your country, specific suggestions that your country will support in providing a solution for the issues in question. You should also make reference to the role UN has assumed to confront this issue. You do not need to go into detail about your negotiating positions. Remember that you have to represent the position of your assigned country. Therefore you should not speak in the first person (“I”), but with the voice of the country you represent .You represent your people, the wholesome of your state so it is strictly forbidden to write in the first person. You may offer your own ideas on the solution of the problem, but bear in mind that the ideas that you present the committee with, should not contradict with the policies of the country you represent. ThessISMUN requests that each delegate submits a position paper within the deadline set by your chairpersons respectively for each committee and council. These papers should not exceed in length one page for each topic on the Agenda of the committee or the council. Guide for Position Paper Writing


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Position Paper Format
Committee: Country: Topic Area A: Topic Area B:

Sample Position Paper

Delegation: Luxembourg Represented by Florida International University

Position Paper for the International Organization for Migration The issues before the International Organization for Migration are the following: Social Development and Migration Assistance in Afghanistan and Addressing Trafficking in Human Beings.

I. Social Development and Migration Assistance in Afghanistan Luxembourg recognizes the widening gap between the rich and the poorest countries and emphasizes that the developed world, and particularly the European Union, should increasingly assist developing countries in achieving sustainable development, and take account of the suffering of peoples around the world. Luxembourg stresses the importance of international assistance and social development in currently fragile Afghanistan not only as a response to humanitarian need, but also for the purposes of international security and conflict resolution....
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