Mobile Phones In Schools

Topics: Mobile phone, High school, Education Pages: 2 (1205 words) Published: February 5, 2015
Mobile Phones in Schools
Recently I read Frances Childs news article and personally I couldn’t be any more outraged than I am now, with her choice of words. Yes she’s identified an issue with today’s generation, but the way in which she puts this across is exaggerating the truth. I find it hard to believe how such a poorly written article managed to get published in this day and age, without being rectified. One statement which really jumped out at me, as being bias is “Very few teachers, especially female teachers, want to physically grapple a student, to confiscate their mobile phones”. This statement couldn’t be much further than the truth! In my school, if a pupil is caught on their mobile phone, the teacher will simply ask for their phone and nine times out of ten they’ll hand it over without hesitation. On the rare occasion of them refusing to hand it over the teacher would email SLT, and the problem is resolved in a matter of minutes. I noticed that all of the examples which she used in her article are very rare occurrences. Personally I have never experienced such horrific reactions to a teacher wanting to take someone’s phone. Of course they do happen, but they’re very uncommon. There’s always some people who just love to cause havoc for attention in every school, whether its bunking lessons, play fighting, or in this case refusing to hand over their mobile phones. However Childs suggests the majority of students are belligerent which is not the case. Childs opens her article with the following statement, “Mobile phones are a poison in our schools but don’t blame the teachers – Blame the parents!”I literally cannot believe how such a bias statement can be used in this day and age. Teachers are not entirely to blame, but some do not help the cause, by not following the basic protocol of confiscating phones at first sight. As well as this teachers are responsible for enforcing the rules and the students are expected to follow them. Then again parents...
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