Millennium Development Goals (Universal Primary Education)

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Millennium Development Goals Essay
Goal: Universal Primary Education

The Millennium Development Goals are the world’s time abound and quantified targets for addressing the basic human rights of each individual on earth concerning their health, education, shelter and security. The objective of the Millennium Development Goal number two is to achieve universal primary education and to ensure that by the year 2015, children everywhere, that boys and girls are able to complete a full course of education starting from grade one. There has been a lot of progress with the Millennium Development Goal number two. Major advances have been made even in some of the poorest countries, most of them in sub-Saharan Africa. The continent has made tremendous strides in achieving universal education with 76 percent net enrollment in primary education in 2008, up from 58 percent in 1999. There were close to 91 girls per 100 boys in schools in 2008, up from 85 in 1999, and this is a tremendous achievement in a continent whose societies are stratified along gender lines. Since primary school fees were abolished in Burundi this resulted in a threefold increase in the amount of children enrolled in primary school since 1999, which attained 99 per cent in 2008. The United Republic of Tanzania doubled its children enrollments over the same time frame. Guatemala, Nicaragua and Zambia also broke through the 90 per cent threshold towards greater access to primary education. Those are examples of what has been achieved over the years with the Millennium Development Goal number two but there are still places in Asia and Africa where this goal has not commenced. Many challenges remain that would hinder the Millennium Development Goal number two from reaching its 2015 goal, especially with the lack of trained and skilled teachers who are teaching the children. To increase the number and percentage of students that will be able to attend primary schools would mean that the...
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