Mentally Ill People

Topics: Homelessness, Health care, Medicine Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Did you know a survey showed forty percent of mentally ill in the US have not received the proper treatment? Mental illness can stop people from having normal lives such as housing and caring for themselves. Due to this many have a hard time developing relationships with anyone which often is toward care givers, family, and friends the ones who can keep them from becoming homeless. With these handicaps it is higher number of mentally retarded people make up are homeless population. This I why I believe the US should take them in because it is safer for them and us but they should also have a option.

Poor mental health may affect physical health, especially for people who are homeless. Mental illness may cause people to neglect taking the necessary precautions against disease. When combined with lack of hygiene due to homelessness, this can lead to problems such as HIV. In addition, half of the mentally ill homeless population in the United States also suffers from substance abuse .Some mentally ill people self-medicate using street drugs, which can lead not only to addictions, but also to disease transmission from injection drug use. This combination of mental illness, substance abuse, and poor physical health makes it very difficult for people to obtain employment and residential stability. Better health care for the mentally ill would result in housing and care for the mentally ill. Housing could lead to a decrease in crime and help to keep the streets clean. My works at UAB with the homeless who go to the hospital and cannot afford to pay well most off the time her patients are mentally retarded and have no one to help them so I think if they could find a point to ask for help they would. However mentally retarded are humans and are entitled to the same rights as normal people. The primary purpose of the constitutional government in the United States is to make the liberty of individuals secure, and the mentally retarded are still people which mean they are...
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