Medicine and Health Care

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Universal health care Pages: 4 (1752 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Every single problem has an answer. Those answers can vary in reason and motive. America has been searching for an answer for our worsening economy as we enter a recession. An answer that has been tossed around last quite often is a universal healthcare sponsored by the US government. This universal healthcare is known the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or informally known as ObamaCare. President Barack Obama signed the bill into law on March 23, 2010. The reason that this is significant is because of all the seemingly positive affects actually turning out to be negative. The law has barely skimmed through the Senate and the House of Representative making it a controversial topic. A question about ObamaCare that continues to reappear is: will this really benefit our healthcare now and is it what America really wants? The universal healthcare is a naive and basic answer that will not support the needs of the individual and should not even be taken into consideration. The current number of uninsured Americans continues to rise and the number of illegal immigrants uninsured is not much better. With a system such as ObamaCare put to use this number would decrease and America would face a healthcare where we are theoretically better covered. The number of uninsured Americans is at point to where there is no bright side but Matthew Buettgens’ research says, “The legislation would reduce the number of uninsured Americans by about 32 million people by 2019. Most of those gains in the number of insured will not occur until after 2014 when the mandates and subsidies kick in” (Buettgens 4). The goal ultimately is to help the number of uninsured Americans decrease and with a plan like that it seems like a possibility. Another positive outcome of the new reform is that doctors would be able to focus more on their job. Some doctors are finding it harder and harder to do their job under the certain circumstances. Doctors can concentrate on healing the patient...
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