Mdg No.4. Child Mortality

Topics: United Nations, Millennium Development Goals, World Bank Pages: 3 (580 words) Published: June 3, 2013
The main goal of MDG no. 4 Child Mortality is to reduce by two-thirds the under five years old mortality

around the globe.

In comparison to many of the other millennium development goals, Child Mortality is easily measured.

According to statisticians of the United Nations the goal of reducing by two-thirds the U5M (Under Five

mortality rate) will not be accomplished by 2015, but it is in my opinion that this is not a reason to call

this a failure. U5M has dropped worldwide from 11.9 million in 1990 to 7.7 million in 2010.

The plan to reduce U5M is through prevention of diseases by vaccination, improving the health system

of many countries, developing universal access to care, training qualified staff, promoting safer water,

and improving nutrition and hygienic environments. But the means have not been the best ones

because it could be said that the United Nations have tried to impose medicine and vaccination in

developing countries. Religious Leaders of Sub-Saharan countries encourage their people not to take

the vaccination or any of the health care given by the United Nations or any organization. These cultural

barriers inhibit access for the means necessary to save all the children that are dying every day.

Economics and MDGs are linked in two ways: Indirectly, through the growth of the country. And directly,

through certain elements of governance that affect the attainment of MDGs. Countries such as Egypt

have invested a lot of money in this particular millennium goal. But other countries such as Chad have

not been able to improve their U5M because they’re too busy fighting their ethnic conflicts, political

instability and the poverty that affects 80% of the population. As it has previously been said, the

connectedness between all the millennium goals is crucial. Actions to improve nutrition, gender...
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