Masters in Public Health/ Global Health and Leadership

Topics: Health care, Health, Medicine Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: May 23, 2012

Can we imagine a world where every single person had the same accessibility and quality of health care? What would it take for it to be achieved? The desire to ensure this dream is actualized has prompted me to apply for a Master’s public health program in Global Health Leadership. My encounters with patients around the world have inspired me to attend New York University to acquire the knowledge and education to impact the healthcare industry. Being raised in Morocco and investing a portion of my medical training there, I experienced the sensation of helping people beyond by medical abilities. Though my occupation as a doctor was apparent from the start, the engagement in public health became a necessity. I could not avoid my desire from becoming an expert in public health sector. My experience in a rural medical center without innovative resources not merely educated me on how to resolve problems when challenged with emergent and complicated circumstances, additionally it exposed me to perceptible health concerns and challenges a developing country might confront.

The transition towards a much more developed country like France, where I finished my training, was fascinating and enriching. I had been privileged to work in far more contemporary medical centers providing the advantages of technological advancements which demanded my professionalism and provided experience with more challenging patients. Finding myself personally empowered by a real effective system, I could truthfully not help researching and asking myself everyday on how I could improve health care in underdeveloped countries. What can we learn from this developed and effective health care system and how can we implement it in ours? What is the right approach? I had many questions, but very few unclear answers and the desire of studying the matter developed. When the idea of pursuing my career in...
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