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Summaries of Articles on Management Accounting
All the article summaries included here were prepared by MBA students in Management 413, Cost Accounting. Each article summary includes the name of the student who prepared the summary. Management Accounting in General

Adler, Paul S. "Time-and-Motion Regained," Harvard Business Review (January-February, 1993), pp. 97-108. Alonso, Ramon L and Cline W. Frasier "JIT Hits Home: A Case Study in Reducing Management Delays," Sloan Management Review (Summer, 1991), pp. 59-67. Assmus, Gert and Carsten Wiese, "How to Address the Gray Market Threat using Price Coordination," Sloan Management Review (Spring, 1995), pp. 31-41. Awasthi, Vidya N ABC's of Activity-Based Accounting , Industrial Management (Jul-Aug 1994) pp.: 8-11, January 29, 1996. Beaty, Carol A. "Implementing Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: Rules of the Road," Sloan Management Review (Summer, 1992), pp. 49-60. Böer, Germain, "Making Accounting a Value Added Activity," Management Accounting (August, 1991), pp. 36-41. ______ , "Five Modern Management Accounting Myths," Management Accounting (January, 1994), pp. 22-27. Brimson, James A., Feature Costing: Beyond ABC, Journal of Cost Management, January/February 1998, pp. 6-12. Briner, Russell F., Michael D. Akers, James W. Truitt, and James D. Wilson, "Coping with Change at Martin Industries," Management Accounting (July, 1989), pp.45-48. Burt, David N., "Managing Suppliers Up to Speed," Harvard Business Review (July-August, 1989)m pp. 127-135. Chalos, Peter, "Costing, Control, and Strategic Analysis in Outsourcing," Journal of Cost Management (Winter, 1995), pp. 31-37. Clinton, B. Douglas, and Ko-Cheng Hsu, "JIT and the Balanced Scorecard: Linking Manufacturing Control to Management Control, "Management Accounting, September 1997, p 18-24. Colin  Drury, and Mike Tayles, Cost System Design for Enhancing Profitability, Management Accounting, January 1998, pp. 40-42 "Cost Accounting Standards: Myths & Misconceptions", Management Accounting, January 1994, pp. 42-43. Cooper, Robin and Regine Slagmolder, "Strategic Cost Management." Management Accounting. Vol. 89, Issue 8. (New York: February 1998), pp. 16-18. Cooper, Robin and Regine Slagmulder, "Cost Management Beyond the Boundaries of the Firm," Management Accounting, March 1998, pp.18-19. Curtis, Corey C. and Lynn W. Ellis, "Balanced Scorecards for New Product Development" Journal of Cost Management; Man/June 1997, Volume II, Number 3, pp. 12-18 Elram, Lisa M. and Feitzinger Ed, "Using total profit analysis to model supply chain decisions", Journal of Cost Management (July/August 1997), pp. 12-21. Enzweiler, Albert, "Improving the Financial Reporting Process," Management Accounting (February, 1995), pp. 40-43. Ferrara, William L., "Cost/Management Accounting--the 21st Century Paradigm," Management Accounting (December, 1995), pp. 30-36. Fry, Timothy D, and James F. Cox "Manufacturing Performance: Local Versus Global Measures," Production and Inventory Management Journal (Second Quarter, 1989), pp. 52-56. Fuller, Joseph B., James O'Connor, and Richard Rawlinson "Tailored Logistics: The Next Advantage," Harvard Business Review (May-June, 1993), pp. 87-98. Gallimore, Devin F. and Richard J. Penlesky, "A Framework for Developing Maintenance Strategies," Production and Inventory Management Journal (First Quarter, 1988), pp. 16-21. Grant, Robert M. "The Resource-Based Theory of Competitive Advantage: Implications for Strategy Formulation," California Management Review (Spring, 1991), pp. 114-135. Harris, Whitman and Harry Franklin Porter, "Deciding Whether to Buy or Make," Journal of Manufacturing and Operations Management (Summer, 1990), pp. 78-84. Hopson, James F. "New Rules for Package Design Costs," Management Accounting (February, 1993), pp. 46-48. Howell, Robert and Steve Soucy have a series of articles in Management Accounting in July, August, October, November, 1987 and January, 1988 that deal with the impact of the...
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