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Home Health Care Marketing Plan
Marketing Management– MM522

Home Health United is a home healthcare agency working with physicians and hospitals in the Chicago, IL area. This company’s mission statement is the following: “To be the best and most efficient home health agency, delivering the best services to all our patients who are homebound and need the healthcare.”

The company will start out as a small agency with two administrative individuals handling the scheduling and the medical billing and coding. The rest of the individuals will be a registered nurse, physical therapist and a home aid. As the company grows and the clientele grows we will hire more nurses and therapists. We will use a network of physicians which are know to my family and my girlfriend’s father who has been a physician in the Chicago for almost 15 years. This will be a lot of business to work with initially but the goal will be to grow slowly but successfully.

Most of the marketing with be done face to face at the offices of physicians and hospitals. We will primarily concentrate with private practices and work with physician groups out of hospitals. We will not be mass marketing because we don’t have the personnel to handle if we get an overwhelming response. We will be competing with other home health agencies of a smaller size and larger size because chances are when we are taking patients those will be personally referred and taking them away from a particular agency. This will be a marketing plan mainly intended for a smaller operation and we the company develops so will the marketing plan depending on how large we would like for the company to grow. If there is a good business model with individuals with comfortable salaries the motto is that will be the equation for success. The plan is not to become a multi national company but more of a local service which provides dependable and consistent service to home health care patients in the greater Chicago, IL area. Product/ Service Description, Situation Analysis

Home health care assists individuals to live at their residences independently without being hospitalized and covers a large range of different services and help similar to what the individual could receive at a nursing home. This care can consist of speech therapy, physical therapy, nursing and even home care. Home care may consist of cooking, housekeeping jobs, cleaning and other daily work which the individual may not be able to complete on their own. The agencies which are helping individual are licensed by the state and have to employ licensed practical nurses home health aides and therapists. There may be many different positions at the home health care agencies but the common goal for all of them is to allow the individual receiving the care to be safe at home and have maybe more independence than before. The individual who are allowed this care are folks who due to a condition resulting from an illness or injury which restrict a person’s ability to leave their place of residence except with aid (Meyer). “According to the 2005 US census data, 40.5 % of the populations 65 years old and older who live in the community have a disability and 16.6% have a disability affecting their ability to go outside of their home (Meyer).” Home health care began to grow after 1988 when Medicare reimbursement no longer required for the care recipient to be hospitalized in order to receive home health care. If the doctor decided that an individual should receive the care then they would be eligible to receive the care at home. As the baby boomers age there is going to be a large increase in the population of the elderly and in turn there will be a higher demand for home and community based services especially be people prefer to stay in their own homes.

SWOT Analysis:
* A strength that my family and my girlfriend’s father are physicians and they are with a network of physicians who will be able to assist...

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