Mankind Is No Island

Topics: Close-up, Homelessness, Word Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: July 31, 2013
Mankind is no Island.
The message in the film is questioning love.
This film is saying that these two cities, new York and Sydney, are famous, loved cities. But it is asking, what is it that people love? Is it the people or the place? Because there are people suffering everywhere in these cities and people notice them, but turn a blind eye. Theis films shows tat everyone is their equal and that they should be helped and cared for, just like everyone else. Throughout the film there is extreme close-up shots of writing on posters, signs, billboards, roads etc. They take one word or phrase from each source and put it together with another to put across their message. To do this they do not just use actions, they use words, and they are the most dominant. In between the sentences there are long/mid shots of the world passing by, getting on with their everyday lives, not even noticing the man sitting on the floor; that is his everyday life. This shot Is very effective in importance and stature. There is only one sounds in this film; music. The beat of the music is the centre of the film, the images caught on the camera are displayed to the beat of the music. This film is a very natural film ,nothing was staged. People are dressed in their everyday clothes, in their usual locations, doing their everyday tasks. This does however show how powerful costume can be. Although the people are in their own clothing, it shows superiority and stature over the homeless people and the elderly.
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