Manifesto About The Homeless

Topics: Homelessness, Busking, Homelessness in the United States Pages: 1 (439 words) Published: September 7, 2014
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Kerry Boganwright
Tara Polanski
Collaboration Studio
3 September 2014

A First Step In The Homeless Epidemic

Imagine this: you’re in Chicago walking down Michigan Avenue. You see the perfectly manicured window displays of designer stores, the flocks of people crowded around the “living statues”, and have done your fair share of people watching. There’s one group of people, however, that you casually defer your eyes from: the homeless. Each time you encounter a homeless person you casually avert your attention to your phone or the other side of the street. But Chicago isn’t the only city with alarmingly high homeless populations. In fact, there are 633,782 homeless people in the united states. It’s easy to see that the homeless are a group of people that receive little to no respect and struggle to hold on to any shred of dignity they may have. Besides, how is a group of people supposed to make in headway in their personal battles without a proper shelter to take refuge in?

Not only does this epidemic directly affect those involved, but also the population in general. Imagine a world where the plague of homelessness didn’t exist. Perhaps the cure to cancer would have been discovered by the man who is currently sleeping in-between two sheets of cardboard. Maybe the answer to our energy crisis would have have been invented by the woman who can’t afford to feed her multitude of children. If the vicious cycle of those without halted, the entire world would be a plethora of possibility.

Obviously, the daunting challenge of turning around this problem cannot be taken on all at once. Small steps must be taken to achieve the goal. Our product tackles one of the first, crucial aspects of survival: shelter. It isn’t an odd occurrence to see small tents used by the homeless for shelter. These shelters (usually composed of tarps and a few sticks) don’t provide proper protection from the elements. With our product, the homeless will have proper...
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