Managing Health Care Business Strategy

Topics: Medicine, Epidemiology, Health economics Pages: 6 (2057 words) Published: October 26, 2011
What is Public Health? The definition of the term has changed over the centuries. For instance the 19th century definition is vague compared to the definition of the term in the 21st century. The 19th century version states that it is the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through organized community effort. The 20th century definition is as follows: The substance of public health is organized efforts aimed at the prevention of disease and the promotion of health. The 21st century definition explains that the totality of evidence–based public and private efforts that preserve and promote health and prevent disease, disability and death. In the 19th century the Public Health was seen as simple as personal hygiene such as washing hands and covering your mouth when sneezing. The 20th century included promoting health using organized efforts such as community efforts. The 21st century includes efforts from private and public sectors to help prevent diseases, disabilities and death. Since the 19th century public has been playing a role in preventing not only the spread of disease it has included the protection of environment as well as the protection of the community as a whole. (Riegelman; 2010: pgs 3-9) What is the role of public health and will it change in the future? If history repeats itself, the answer to that question is yes. Public Health has a role in every community, in the 19th century it played an insignificant role. There was no private sector involvement; the main focus was on portion of the community or individual groups. They used methods such as quarantines and isolation to contain or expose of diseases. In the mid 1800’s there was the American Health Movement. This movement put forth the idea that disease emerges from social conditions of inequality. It also produced the concept of Social Injustice. During these times organized efforts paid attention to vulnerable members of society, as well as focusing on the hazards that affected everyone and the contamination of the environment. In 1872 the American Public Health Association was formed, this was after the Civil War. This organization had two functions; these functions were to be an advocacy by the adoption governing of the most current scientific advances and educating the public on improving community health. The biological revolution of the late 19th and early 20th century laid the ground work for the modern day public health. In the early 20th century epidemiology methods contributed to the understanding of diseases. (Riegelman; 2010: pgs 5-7) The new public health era began after World War II, the discovery of penicillin convinced Public Health officials and the general public that a new era of Public Health has arrived. In the late 20th century the organization switched its focus to individual responsibility for health and intervention. It created intervention programs that targeted individuals to effect behavioral changes and risk factors of the diseases. In the 21st century public health agency use marketing tools such as TV and radio ads to educate the community of communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis. My personal opinion, with the technologies of today there will be changes in the future. The approach of Public Health has changed since its beginning in the 19th century, there has been several different approaches over the centuries. During the 19th century before the development of vaccines, communities used quarantine or isolation as a means to prevent the spread of diseases. Population Health Approach this approach provides an intellectual umbrella for thinking about a wide spectrum of factors. It provides strategies for considering a broad range of potential intervention to address issues of communicable diseases as well as non-communicable diseases. (Riegelman; 2010: pgs 5-7) Public health data is collected in a wide variety of ways. The methods are referred to as...
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