Management interview paper

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Management Interview Paper
Sakeena Sanders
February 28, 2011
Mr. White and Mrs. Winston

The health service organization that has been chosen is CarePro Home Health Care. One of their health care administrators was chosen to be interviewed. Within this interview, the following questions are asked: Who are the key players? How does coordination take place? What activities or processes are in place to ensure coordination? How are opportunities for coordination identified, maintained, and sustained? Explore the types of conflict resolution practices utilized and make recommendations. Describe your thoughts on theories guiding coordination, decision-making, productivity, and efficiency of the organization. Health Care Administrator

In the corporate world, secretaries and administrators are the heart of any business. Without someone to plan, coordinate, implement, and team lead some businesses may have chaos. Ms. Polly is a (Administrator Assistant/Coordinator) and works for CarePro Home Health Care Agency. She graduated with a 2- year Bachelor Degree and attended Paine and Augusta Technical College. She has been working in this field for 30 years. CarePro History and Mission Statement

CarePro was started, owned, and operated by African American. There are 46 offices with one in Georgia, main office in South Carolina, and Chicago. CarePro Health Services has recently joined with Addus Home Care. This adds to their expansion in the Southeast U.S. They both share a common mission. That mission is to improve health and well-being for the client and to deliver thru cost-effectiveness. This is also delivered by our employees and staff by supporting this same mission. This is rewarded by pride, community contribution, and a reasonable profit. Who are the Key Players?

The key players in this organization are the Administrator/Coordinators of each office. In addition, the...

References: `Addus Home Care Services and CarePro Home Health Care Agency: Interview with Mrs. Pollyanna an Administrator/Coordinator for one of the agencies.
Dr. Richard Voyles: Conflict Resolution Academy, LLC.
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