Management Education for Contemporary Challenges: the Role of Business School

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Management Education for Contemporary Challenges: The Role of Business School Mohammed Abdullah Mamun Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics & Management Sciences International Islamic University Malaysia E-mail: Ariffin Bin Mohamad Lecturer in Law, School of Business, Curtin University of Technology Sarawak, Malaysia E-mail: Abstract Corporations, now a day, face pressures from different stakeholders of the business environment The changes in the environment have created threats to all of today’s organizations. So, the managers have to look for finding the best possible ways of striking the implications brought by the changes. Mostly, it depends on better way of educating their people to convert previous knowledge and experience into today’s competencies required for best possible strategies. This research is an attempt to understand the changing need of management expertise to face the contemporary challenges of management and the roles of business school in this concern. The business has to know the implications of the changes and accordingly has to prepare the people by their capabilities required to implement the strategies. Today, the corporations want to give a clear message to the business school about their role to play in this regard, means to put all necessary efforts to come with proper set of management skills of the challenges to be faced by the corporations. The leading business schools of the USA and Asia Pacific have got proven records of maintaining standards in terms of vision, program design and offerings. It implies that the business school has to cope into the needs of changing situations to produce future managers with all the required skills. Keywords: People, Challenge, Management Education, Business School Management education denotes those activities traditionally conducted by colleges and universities that focus on developing a broad range of managerial knowledge and abilities. Unquestionably, the major issue in management education is the curriculum offered in our business schools and this concern has been labeled the competency movement (Wexley and Baldwin 1986). The traditional management education curriculum, as presently constituted, may not be adequately preparing individuals for the challenges they experience as professional managers (Pfeffer, 1977). Today one fundamental question comes, whether the curriculum of a business school can produce future leader of the corporation with required management skill to meet contemporary challenges.

Management Education for Contemporary Challenges: The Role of Business School


This research attempts to evaluate today’s management education standard to develop management skill in the paradigm shift of managing business. The first section of the paper evaluates the changing scenario of managing business organizations, the second section explains the reshaping of management education with the emerging needs of the business management, and finally the roles played by leading business school have been analyzed in the context of changing situation. As such, the research aims at examining the changing need of management education to produce future leaders of the corporation. The research question comes in the study is whether the roles played by leading business schools can be considered as the ones according to expectations of the corporate management generally. Specially, the question is, whether the products of leading business school have got all the required management skills to meet the contemporary challenge of business management.

1. Methodology
This research is mostly done on existing literature of management education. The firs two sections of the research have been done on reviewing the literature of the...

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