Malaysia’s Application of Ict in Education: Teachers’ Training

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Teacher training institutes were established with the purpose of giving professional preparation of teachers which; requires the trainers to go through formal course work and practice teaching for their future undertaking as teachers. The Institutes of Teachers Education (IPG) are teacher training institutes within the Ministry of Education Malaysia and under the purview of the Teacher Education Department (BPG).

At the turn of the century, educationists and policy makers in Malaysia debated about the challenge of the new millennium. In particular, policy makers were keen to know how to make the best use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to deliver knowledge and information to all; to facilitate communication; to provide greater interaction; and to encourage innovation and creativity to improve national productivity and competitiveness.

In its Seventh National Plan (1996-2000), Malaysia outlined its strategy to develop the labour needs of the nation, particularly in the fields of science and technology. The Plan identified one of the objectives of education and training as to produce an adequate number of highly skilled workers and gave high priority to reorienting the education and training system so that by 2020 Malaysia would have workers with the knowledge, skills and expertise necessary to support a knowledge-based society and economy.

Malaysia saw innovations in ICT as an opportunity to review the country’s public education system. Schools were identified as having a key role to increase the number of ICT-skilled people to meet the demands of industries that would be integrating ICT into their processes. (Kader)

Since 1996, the Government of Malaysia has targeted education as one of the main vehicles to bring about the planned accelerated development of Malaysia. Knowledge and information were identified as important prime movers of the nation’s economy for growth, wealth creation and competitiveness.

In order to make the dream of being a developed country into reality, the Ministry of Education (MoE) has set up a framework of several training courses in order to produce a generation of excellence. In order to prepare Malaysia for globalization, one of the essential training courses emphasized among the teachers is ICT training course.

In addition under the Ninth Malaysia Plan, the education sector received second highest allocation with the ceiling RM23.198 billion or 10.5% of the total budget from the Federal Government. (ICT: Professional Development & Teacher Training: The Seventh Programming Cycle of APEID Activities, 2006)

With today’s borderless world, the education sector cannot avoid from ICT development. Therefore, the MoE has a crucial part to play in realizing the mission to produce model citizens. In conjunction with that, MoE invested a lot in developing ICT. These efforts involve the government and private sectors and collaboration of both especially in the teaching training field.

The Teacher Education Division (TED) of MoE is the responsible agency in providing teachers’ training either pre-service or in-service courses. One of the focused training is ICT training to teachers and trainee teachers. Collaboration from various divisions in this ministry has brought a great impact in making this ICT agenda a great success in education. Aspects involved in this training are hardware, software and wetware.

One of the courses conducted at Teachers’ Education Institute (IPG) and one of the options is Information Technology and Communication.

These courses are conducted in order to produce teachers who are expert in ICT especially those teachers who are not specialising in ICT but have a great interest to learn it. The ICT fields that they will learn cover the ICT integration in teaching and learning, multimedia, programming, hardware maintenance and network system. One of the most prominent training is ICT Integration training in teaching...
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