Little Miss Sunshine Theme Analysis - Family

Topics: Family, Beauty contest, Goal Pages: 2 (838 words) Published: February 3, 2014

At the start of the movie Little Miss Sunshine, it is clear that the Hoover family is unhappy and dysfunctional: with the drug addicted Grandpa, the dad who is blind to the real ‘successes’ in life and categorises everything and everyone into winners and losers, the nicotine addicted mum who is struggling to keep the family happy, the homosexual, suicidal and depressed uncle Frank, the teenage brother, Dwayne, who has taken a vow of silence until he reaches his goal of becoming a pilot and the main character, Olive who spends her time watching beauty pageant videos and dreams of becoming a beauty queen herself. Each of the members in the Hoover family represent some of the common issues seen in the society today… these include, bankruptcy, teenage problems, LGBT rights, drug use, depression and suicide. The family members started off by having very different unattainable goals in their personal life. Richard's goal is to become successful by selling his "9 steps to winning plan" and work his way out of bankruptcy. As the movie goes forward, each of the family members realise that their goals are unable to be achieved. This was the case for Dwayne and Richard, as Dwayne realised he was colour blind and Richard got to know that Stan Grossman will not sell his program. Only Sheryl's goal, of keeping the family happy, had a possibility of being achieved. Sheryl and Richard, Olive’s parents, fail to have establish a good relationship with their children and their role as parents is not completely fulfilled. The family did not give importance to Olive's desires of becoming the "little Miss Sunshine" as they didn't even make an effort to see her routine, which she spent most of her time practising for. If we were to think like Richard Hoover, we could say that they all start off by being losers. The Volkswagen minibus, symbolises the family structure. Although it is very old and is not ideal for travelling, the minibus still manages to get the family to California....
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