Little Brother

Topics: Prince, Feeling, Love Pages: 1 (419 words) Published: September 4, 2013
“Little Brother”

I Have a little brother whose name is Joe. He is just about two years old and, everyone in the family is all the time engrossed in watching his antics. As he is at the age of learning, Oh! No at the age of aping, he is all the time and every day learning new things and keeps all of us busy. He draws the attention of each member of the family and as far as Mom is concerned, he keeps her spinning on her toes every minute of the day. Elders, Younger’s, visitors and neighbors all find him the centre of attraction in our family. I also enjoy seeing his new and often funny antics but, frankly speaking in some remote corner of my heart, at times I develop a feeling of jealousy against him. I say to me, "This little boy gets so much attention and love as if no one else even exists in this house." At times such feelings just come and fly off. At times I get disturb and feel quite unwanted in the house. At such moments of depression, my elder sister Sandy comes to my rescue. She explains to me that, this is just a passing phase of life and, as Joe has it now, I also had it a few years ago, and at that time she also felt the same way. She recollects and tells me that, at one point of time, all the elders fondled with me as they do with Joe now, and this is not because he is loved more than any of us but only because he is the youngest. This explanation from Sandy gives me great relief and at once I start feeling friendly again with Joe. The most I enjoy about his fancies is how he copies elders. He sits like me, talks like me and plays games like me. Seeing all my jealousy gets shoved aside and, I also start just adoring Joe. I quite agree to the elders when they say that, a child apes elders, and the elders are his ideals. Hearing this, I feel quite elated that it seems that Joe's ideal is me, how great and wonderful I start feeling at this point of time. He is such a cute darling that I love to play with him, though I am fourteen years his elder....
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