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Topics: Operations management, Management, Health care Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Is it necessary for health care area to have operation management? With the reference to the journal at, “Health care operations management has become a major topic for health care service providers and society.” (Carter, W. Hans & Kolisch, 2012) Although there are some special issues in operation management of health care industry, it is an efficacious and essential role in the contributions of health care services. There are some topics of problems discussed in this journal such as location and supply in planned hospital systems, preventive health care facility network design, comparison of centralized and focus clinics, surgeries and treatments schedules and others. According to deal with these problems, it emphases the importance of operation management in health care services in different environment like hospitals, outpatient clinics and rehabilitation hospitals.

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Coverage of operation management is expanding boarder nowadays. The modern operating range covers from traditional manufacturing enterprises to non-manufacturing sectors. Also the content is not limited in planning, organization and control of production process, then it extends to the operational strategy development, operating system design and operating and running multiple levels of systems.

Health care industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries worldwide so that the application of operation management is compulsory whether in the organizations or service of hospitals or clinics. To start with, it is important for professional operation managers to plan the location, supply and referrals of hospital system. Forecasting and supply chain management is one of the responsibilities of operation managers when they operate and design the process of hospital organizations. Although hospital is a health care services organization, it still has to face to the market and consider the marketing elements and operation systems as a...
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